Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Class Description - Dance - Ballet  
Parent & ME! (ages 2 & 3)
Pink Star Program (ages 4-7)
Purple Star Program (ages 8-9)
Teal Star Program
(ages 10-12)
Pink Ribbon Program
(ages 13 & Up)
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)
Teal Star Program (ages 10-12)
  Ballet Classes ages 10 - 12 at Cornwall, New York

Dance for ages 10, 11 and 12. Dancers may take class once or twice a week, although the work that will be covered is better suited for three to five times a week. For those interested, pre-pointe and then pointe work is introduced. A full barre and center is included in each class. Dancers will learn ballet terminology, correct ballet body alignment and weight placement. We encourage our dancers to listen and respond to their own unique bodies, as opposed to traditional ballet teaching methods that do not appreciate the individual child. Understanding dance leads to self-corrections and a more efficient, self-confident dancer. Those who wish to have an evaluation of their dancing may participate in the Royal Academy of Dance exams held annually. Those who audition and qualify may train for the Youth America Grand Prix. Year End Show preparation will begin in late March or early April. Dances will be choreographed based on the class work learned during the school year. Dancers rent costumes verses buying costumes, saving you hundreds in costume fees. Parents will receive 2 free tickets and 1 free DVD.

Class Attire: Girls – dark pink tank leotard by Bloch or Sansha, pink tights, pink waist belt, pink full sole canvas ballet slippers, black canvas character shoes, character skirt, hair in a bun. Boys – white t-shirt or Under Armour shirt, black or navy shorts, white or black ballet slippers, black character shoes. Available at The Dance and Music Design School, Fishkill (845) 896-1111 or Ms. Dancewear, Mohegan Lake (914) 526-8380.