Music Fees


Registration Fee: $45 1st Child, $15 Additional Child
Classes Per Week Pay In Full (33 Classes) Monthly (10 Payments)
1/2 Hour Private Lesson $1102 $116 ($35 per lesson)
45 Minute Private Lesson $1653 $174 ($52 per lesson)
1 Hour Private Lesson $2204 $232 ($70 per lesson)

45 Minute Group Lesson
Music Adventures

$751 $79

Music Pups Class
(CDs and songbooks included)

$656 $69
Music and Voice tuition may be paid with a dance invoice,
but there are no multi lesson discounts for music and voice lessons.

  Additional Costs
  Music & Voice Policy Statement
Students register for 33 classes during the 10 month school year. Recital rehearsals count as 1 class. Please count the 33 classes on the calendar.
If you chose the Payment Plan, payments are due on the first (1st) of each of the 10 school months. Payments may be made via automatic debit or credit card billing. A 5% late charge will be added to the unpaid balance for payment made after the
1st of the month. All accounts in arrears of 2 months or more will be subject to 10% interest charges, and students will not be allowed to attend class until the balance is paid. All bills that are sent to collection will have an added 33% to pay for collection
and attorney fees.
Withdrawal: If a student wishes to withdraw from the program notice must be given 30 days prior to stopping lessons and a Withdrawal Form (available at the main office) must be filled out. No partial payments will be accepted. No refunds will be
given for missed classes/lessons. Re-registering students in the same school year must pay the $45 registration fee in order to start classes again.
In case of the cancellation of classes due to bad weather, the Dance & Music Design School will make every effort to provide the 33 classes upon which the tuition schedule is based. The Dance Design School, however, is not obliged to make up all or part of
classes canceled due to bad weather. For class cancellations due to weather, check the web site, or call the studio 534-9671.
Students who miss a lesson due to illness are eligible for a make-up lesson. The full monthly payment is required even if a lesson is missed.