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Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Class Description - Dance - Hip-Hop

The Dance and Music Design School’s Hip-Hop program follows the public school cut off; each level is age specific and can be started at age 8. Each level provides appropriate body movements as well as covering body placement, technique, stylization, rhythm and musicality. As the levels progress new complex material is combined with the previous levels work. Year End Show preparation will begin in March. Dances will be choreographed based on the class work learned during the school year. Dancers rent costumes verses buying costumes, saving you hundreds in costume fees. Parents will receive 2 free tickets and 1 free DVD.

Hip-Hop Classes:
Hip-Hop is one of the most recent popular dance styles. You can find hip-hop in T.V. commercials, music videos and movies such as ‘Step Up’ as well as on Broadway and at school dances. Classes are structured in the traditional hip-hop format; Isolations, stretching, dance technique, progressive movements, combination or dance routine.

Boys ONLY Hip-Hop Classes: A greater emphasis is put on hip-hop tricks (break poses, kip ups, six steps...). Choreography will be a balance of teacher created and popular dances ('Dougie', Michael Jackson...). This class is only for boys, so your son will never feel surrounded by pink tutus.

Class Attire: Girls - hair up off the neck and face, leotard (same as the corresponding ballet level), tights, black jazz shoes or sneakers. Jazz pants may be worn. Boys – white Under Armour shirt or leotard, black jazz pants, black hip-hop shoes. Available at The Dance and Music Design School Boutique, Fishkill (845) 896-1111 or Ms. Dancewear, Mohegan Lake (914) 526-8380.

View Hip-Hop Classes in these areas. If your area is not listed, please call Dance Design school at (845) 534-9671 to inquire.