Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Kayla looks forward to going to class because of the amazing sense of family DDS offers all of its dancers. She is excited about having achieved the many goals that have been set for her over the past few years. These achievements were made possible by you, the remarkable instructors at DDS and all of your expertise, constant guidance and support. Thanks!
- Mary, Parent
Dance Design School, its curriculum and wonderful teachers gave Katie the confidence, tool and training to continue her dance education at the collegiate level. Katie auditioned and was accepted into the Geneseo Dance program and has danced with the Geneseo Dance Ensemble as well as with a student group Ohchesis. Katie served as a college intern at Walt Disney World for a semester and credits her acceptance and success in that program in no small part to her time at the Dance Design School.
- Elaine, Parent
Chiara spent most of her growing up years at DDS; made great friends and received outstanding instruction from the wonderful dance teachers. Julia is following in her footsteps and enjoys all her time at dance. Great individual expression and wonderful teamwork in all the performances. And Mom and Dad get to dance too!
- Debra, Parent
Our experience at Dance Design School has been incredible!! Both the Guidance and Training recieved here are strong and outstanding, uncomparable to the other facilities we have attended. The instruction and instructors are second to none. Dance Designs affiliation with the RAD and the technique of teaching has given my children not only a tremendious knowledge of dance but has also allowed them to obtain a sense of individual accomplishment. Thank you!
- Louanne, Parent
DDS was a very important part of Alynn's dance training. It had the perfect balance of technique, discipline, guidance, and fun. Her training in the RAD syllabus has proven very important now as she begins her 4th year in the professional dance world. Alynn is a member of Alabama Ballet which has an RAD based Ballet School and has asked all of the Company members to complete thier Exams through Advanced 2. So Monday, Alynn and 12 others, began taking the RAD Advanced 1 & 2 class and will take her exam this spring. Who would have thought? I know Aggie and Lyndette will be pleased. Alynn completed her
Intermediate course work at DDS, with Merit. It's funny how her training has come full circle. Aggie and Helen were instramental in helping shape Alynn into the dancer she is today! We can't thank them enough for thier drive and support!
- Kathleen, Parent
"Our daughter has been dancing at Dance Design School for 14 years. She has consistently received an age appropriate, healthy, physically challenging and artistically satisfying dance education. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and annual exams have helped her set goals and compare her achievement with students around the world. Through Hudson Valley Dance Theatre and Youth America Grand Prix, she has been offered many chances to perform, cooperating with others in ensembles, and competing with herself to achieve excellence.
The community of teachers, dancers and parents at Dance Design forms a loving family atmosphere where the child is valued throughout his/her development. When she graduates from HS this year, our daughter will take with her a tremendous focus and discipline she has gained over the years---the perfect foundation for any artistic, academic, or career pursuit she may have in her future.
- Karen, Parent
Dance Design is a wonderful school that not only instills strong technique in their students but also a sincere love and respect for the art of dance. The teachers are highly trained and provide their dancers with the confidence necessary to perform on stage, whether at the year-end recital or a performance of The Nutcracker. The RAD syllabus used by DDS and the rare opportunity to take exams adds another layer of value to the classes. Having been a student at DDS
for 15 years, the lessons that I learned and friendships that I made while dancing there have continued to impact my life years later.
- Kaitlyn, Graduate 2005
I started dancing at the Dance Design School when I was eight years old. I walked in and started with one jazz class taught by Carol Gremle. I never left the studio. Every year I added another class until I was taking, sometimes, three classes a night. The Dance Design School had turned my curiosity about dance into a passion. A passion that has followed me my entire life. I wanted to always learn something new, to always be in the studio, to always be working. There isn't one thing or another that I can say that the Dance Design School did to instill in me this passion for dance, rather, it was many things. The passion
that the teachers had for their craft and the gentle and encouraging way that they shared it with us. The Dance Design School was always so professional, from the smallest child to the teachers. Obviously the passion I have for dance I found within myself, but to say that I could have followed that passion without the help of the Dance Design School would be untrue. At any other studio I may have gotten bored or "grown out" of dancing, as children tend to do, but I never tired of dancing at the Dance Design School. I graduated in 2002 with a scholarship in dance and was accepted into the dance program of Marymount
Manhattan in NYC. I then transferred to the American Musical and Dramatics Academy where I graduated with a major in Musical Theater. I currently dance for the Walt Disney World Resort company, performing in their shows and parades around property.
- Jon, Graduate 2002
Rummaging through the 'ballet drawer' in search of ballet slipper that fit and are not too smelly (used) for my 7 year old - so accustomed to hand me downs - I find a single slipper, very small, with my oldest daughters name printed in her handwriting. Sign.... where has time flown? "I love my life mom" reports my daughter, now a Trainee in the Boston Ballet, after a grueling 12 hour dance day. She is living her dream, and thanks to a solid start and excellent curriculum (RAD) at Dance Design School, has remained injury free. Through summer of intensive training, a year away at a ballet conservatory, three years of daily commuting to the city, my daughter has remained focused and strong with a winning attitude. We attribute all of this to the consistently accurate, caring and contemporary guidance we received from Miss Aggie and her staff through the safe training of the Royal Academy Curriculum.
Understanding that ballet is not everyone's forte, I hope that my youngest daughter will choose to follow her sister's path - for the discipline (evidenced by school performance too) pride and poise that ballet offers.
Thank you Miss. Aggie. you have influenced our lives more than you can imagine.
- Robyn, Mother of 4 Dancing Girls