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Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Class Description - Dance - Ballet  
Parent & ME! (ages 2 & 3)
Pink Star Program (ages 4-7)
Purple Star Program (ages 8-9)
Teal Star Program (ages 10-12)
Pink Ribbon Program
(ages 13 & Up)
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
By choosing a Royal Academy of Dance teacher for your child you ensure:
  • Your child’s teacher has the training and qualification necessary to teach dance to young children safely.
  • Your child’s teacher will limit injuries that are common with non-certified training.
  • Your child will be taught using a safe and proven method of ballet.
  • Your child’s teacher will help to foster self-confidence, expression and a love of the arts that will follow your child throughout their life.
Your child will be trained using a syllabus that is both fun and safe.

Your child couldn’t be in safer hands. The Royal Academy of Dance was founded over 75 years ago; its syllabus is taught in over 81 countries, setting high standards of dance training for some 250,000 children and students every year. The safe and correct training of your children is one of the Academy’s major concerns, which is why the Grades Syllabus has been devised with great care. Children progress in slow stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can easily cope with. This means that all the work learned will be correct. Children who dance with proficiency gain confidence and enjoy their dancing more.

Not only is this syllabus great fun for children to dance, it also helps with co-ordination, fitness, sense of rhythm, musicality and self expression, as well as promoting self-discipline and boosting confidence.

Demonstration and Presentation Classes:
Pre-School Level I & II, Pre-Primary

Grade Syllabus Examinations:
Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

Ballet for Pleasure, Ballet for the Professional

For the older student, the Academy provides a choice of two exciting and challenging pathways.

Girls and boys over the age of 12, who want to study dance purely for pleasure, can follow the Academy’s Higher Grades Syllabus, Grades 6, 7 and Grade 8 Award. The Higher Grades Syllabus encourages a sense of performance and style. Passed consecutively, Grades 6, 7 and 8 allow membership in the Academy.

Alternatively, boys and girls over the age of 11 who want to study ballet more seriously, perhaps with a view to becoming a professional dancer or teacher, can follow the Academy’s Vocational Syllabus. It develops technique, strength and artistry to the very highest levels, producing dancers who can then adapt with ease to the demands of any dance style.

Higher Grades Syllabus Examination:
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8 Award

Vocational Syllabus Examination:
Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2

Why take an Examination?
The Academy’s examinations are setting goals towards which pupils can work.

Unlike competitions, which must have a loser as well as a winner, dance exams allow every dancer to work towards a personal goal, independent of their classmates, fostering a healthy sense of competition.

For children and students, examinations offer a challenge and a great sense of achievement. For the parents they give an indication of upholding and improving the standards of dance training throughout the world.