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Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Classes - Song & Dance Classes in Washingtonville, New York
Glitz, glamour, gowns and tiaras, this class in Washingtonville is perfect for your favorite Diva! Your child will sing popular kid-friendly songs and learn matching choreography. 

This is the perfect class for the early elementary school child who loves to sing and dance all day long. Dancers attend class for 45 minutes per week. The “Song & Dance” class in Washingtonville follows the public school cut off and is appropriate for children entering 4 year old pre-school to 2nd grade in the fall. The basic foundation of singing and dance work is taught using kid friendly imagery and story lines. Breath, pitch, tone and blending will be taught as well as basic body movements. 

Two uniquely qualified teachers will be at each class, a voice teacher and a dance teacher. At Dance Design School, our teachers understand the unique challenges of teaching young children.


While our classes are imaginative and creative, each class will lay the foundation for more complex voice and dance training in years to come. 

All students will be given the opportunity to participate in our biannual performing arts shows. Parents will receive 2 free tickets. Costumes will be rented from the school and worn over the class attire.

Class Attire: Girls – pink tank leotard by Bloch, pink tights, pink faux wrap skirt by Bloch, pink ballet slippers, hair up off the face and neckline. Boys – white t-shirt or Under Armour shirt, black or navy shorts, white or black ballet slippers. Available at The Dance Bag, Beacon 831-5813 or Ms. Dancewear, Mohegan Lake (914) 526-8380.
View Song & Dance Classes in these areas. If your area is not listed, please call Dance Design school at (845) 534-9671 to inquire.