Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Class Description - Dance - Ballet  
Parent & ME! (ages 2 & 3)
Pink Star Program (ages 4-7)
Purple Star Program (ages 8-9)
Teal Star Program (ages 10-12)
Pink Ribbon Program
(ages 13 & Up)
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)
Pink Ribbon Program (ages 13 & Up)
Ballet Classes ages 13 -18 at Cornwall, New York

Dance for ages 13 and up. All classes are based on ability; a placement class must be taken prior to registering for any classes. Dancers attend class dependent on their individual end goals. Those who wish to attend class purely for pleasure may attend the Higher Grades classes, Grade 6, 7 and 8. This work will progress dancers at a gentle pace. It will focus on technique, performance and include some dance history. Those who wish to dance at college or have professional goals may follow the Vocational (professional) levels. Classes cover all work that would be expected at a professional class or audition, including pointe work and partnering. Summer program and company auditioning work is covered. Those who wish to have an evaluation of their dancing may participate in the Royal Academy of Dance exams held annually. Those who receive a qualifying grade on their vocational exams may train for the Phyllis Bedellis Bursary held in London and the Solo Seal exam held in Canada. Those who audition and qualify may train for the Youth America Grand Prix. Year End Show preparation will begin in late March or early April. Dances will be choreographed based on the class work learned during the school year. Dancers rent costumes verses buying costumes, saving you hundreds in costume fees. Parents will receive 2 free tickets and 1 free DVD.

Class Attire: Girls – black or navy leotard, pink tights, waist belt, de-shanked pointe shoes, black canvas character shoes, character skirt, hair in a bun. Boys – white Under Armour shirt or leotard, black or navy tights, waist belt, white or black ballet slippers, black character shoes. Available at The Dance and Music Design School Boutique, Fishkill (845) 896-1111  or Ms. Dancewear, Mohegan Lake (914) 526-8380.